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Building A House/Building A Home

I am building a house! I am building a house! I AM BUILDING A HOUSE!!!

I have to keep telling myself this because I still can’t believe it. Never did I think I would be doing this by myself, but here I am. I bought 3 acres in July! Now I am in the process of approving floor plans. I chose a builder and sent him floor plans that I drew up myself.

On a side note: I could sit and look at floor plans for a week straight and never find a plan that I love…or even like. Am I weird?

And…Pinterest is my best friend right now!

I found an exterior of a house that I fell in love with. Then I decided to draw up my own plans. A few tweaks had to be made, of course, because I am obviously no professional. Since I first sent in the plans I have decided to do a story and a half instead of a 1-story house. So a few more tweaks had to be made. Mainly the stairs. Right now I am waiting to get the plans back from my builder so I can either make more changes or approve them.

My friends tell me that I am going to hate this whole process. But I don’t believe them. I am super excited to start making decisions on colors, flooring, and fixtures. My whole life I have dreamed of building my own home. Let the fun begin!

So far I have gotten my driveway location approved and I now have an address.

What are your thoughts on front porches? I MUST have a porch with rocking chairs and maybe a swing. It has to be welcoming and comfy.

This will be the view in the front:




I can’t wait to document this whole adventure.

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This is so simple but such a cute idea to dress up a plain paper bag. I just had to share it. I got this in Florida at a gift shop. It is what they put small purchases in.


Tailor the material to suit your needs. If it’s for a boy, find some camo fabric. Flowers or butterflies for a girl. This would be a great and cheap idea for birthday party gift bags. The bow is stapled to the bag. Can’t get much more simple. Here are a few other ideas for this bag:

  • Cookies for a neighbor
  • Surprise bags for you kids
  • Fill it with chocolate for a friend
  • Thank you gifts for teachers
  • Specialty tea or coffee for mom or grandma

Can you think of another use for this cute bag? Please share your ideas.


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