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Usborne Books, Literacy, and a Love of Reading

  For some reason, I’ve been at a loss about a topic to write about.  Today, my son has a friend over, so I’m trying to stay out of the way. Legos, playing outside, and movies are all on the agenda. Our house is small, so tucking myself away isn’t an easy accomplishment, but hey, I’m trying.

 As I sit here trying to decide what topic jumps out at me, I look over at my bookshelf –- actually three bookshelves –- and realize that we are “book crazy.” I guess there are worse things. I’ve always had a love of reading, and since Cade was born, I’ve read to him almost every night. Usually, it’s at least three books a night. Now that he is able to read and is reading chapter books, he reads a chapter, and I read a chapter. I believe it’s just as important to read to your child as it is to have your child read to you. Listening to a story being read develops good listening skills. Because of my love of reading, and my desire to instill that love in my son, I became and independent consultant for Usborne Books and More. This part-time business gives us the opportunity to have a continuous supply of books coming into our house. Some of my son’s favorite Usborne Books are: the Oliver Moon series, There’s A Mouse About the House, and any of the chapter books. His other favorites include Magic Tree House, Flat Stanley, A to Z Mysteries, and the list goes on and on.

You can check out the more-than 1400 titles we have available by going to my website at

Another great website I recommend is the Jim Trelease Home Page

Jim Trelease is the bestselling author of The Read-Aloud Handbook. He is an advocate of literacy and reading out loud to children. There are some great FREE reading brochures (do’s and don’ts) for parents on this site plus many other stories, tips, and ideas.

Are you “book crazy” in your house?  What are some of your children’s favorite books?

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