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Oh The Decisions!

Tomorrow is the big day. But they’ve been telling me that for the last 2 weeks now. My driveway is suppose to be put in tomorrow. But rain and snow are in the forcast for tonight. So I really don’t know if the driveway will be happening. I’ve learned that patience is necessary when building a house and I’m ok with that so far.

The decisions have been many. More than I ever thought I would have to make and I still have more to make. I haven’t picked out cabinets, flooring or countertops yet. This has been the hardest for me so far. I’ve been on Pinterest for more hours than I can even count. Once that decision is made I will feel so much better.

I think I have the majority of my light fixtures picked out. Now I just need to start purchasing them. The lights over the island and the light over the dining room table have been giving me some problems.  I want a statement piece but I don’t want to have to pay a fortune for them. I think I’ve found what I want. Can’t wait to see them in the house.

I will be sharing photos and more details as the house progresses. It’s getting closer and I am super excited!

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Quick Paint Project

I love the look and the options of a painted chalkboard wall. I knew I wanted to have one in my house but wasn’t sure what wall I wanted to paint. I kept putting it off but finally today I dove right it. It wasn’t a huge project. The wall is fairly small but still a good size. Plus I had to figure out where I am going to put the pine pie safe that was in front of the wall. Well it’s still in the middle of my dining room and I have no clue where I’m going to put it.

Notice the pie safe to the right of the picture. That’s the one I have no idea what to do with.  Please disregard the clutter. My kitchen/dining room was a mess while I was painting today.


This is the chalkboard paint I used. See the rubber band? That little tip I got from Pinterest. If you put the rubber band over the opening to the paint can you can wipe your brush on the rubber band instead of the side of the can. Way less mess.


Yay, after 3 coats of paint, it’s done! And I love it. Now what should I write on it?

Do you have a painted wall in your house? What do you write on it?


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I Love This House

Have you checked out I love her blog! She has a series called Living With Kids. The series showcases amazing homes of families with children. I especially love the home that was showcased today. It’s a beautiful craftsman home. Be sure to notice the nook under the stairs. The 3rd floor is probably my favorite. There is only one thing I would change…I would have to add a little color to the master bedroom. But that is all, nothing else. Head on over to and enjoy Living With Kids: Molly Winn. This house makes me want to purge everything in my home and start over.

What do you think of the house? Your style? If not, what style of home do you prefer?

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Point A to Point B

As I head into the weekend I am left to ponder what my future holds. Next month, Lord willing, I will be receiving my Associates Degree in Business Management Technology. People ask me all the time what I want to do with my degree. My ideal dream of dreams would be to have my own business. Doing what, you ask? Well that is what I am pondering right now. Way back two years ago when I decided to head back to school it was a way to get out of the job I was in at the time. I won’t go into ugly details but I wanted out. And for any of you who are in the medical field, you know how hard it is to get out of the medical field once you are in it. I saw a Business degree as my way out. And now here I am, two years later. Where exactly did those two years go? I’m still not comprehending the fact that I will be a college graduate. Only took me a few years after high school to get there. That was pure sarcasm right there just in case you are wondering.

So I kind of have an idea in my head of what I would like to do. But getting from point A to point B is another story. Where do I start, what do I do, where is my motivation? I have a million ideas running around in my head. Now my next feat of greatness is to get all those ideas out of my head and into reality. I just have to start. Starting is the hardest for me. Once I get going I’m fine. And so I’m left pondering on how to start; how to get from where I am to where I want to be.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

I will leave you with this oh so very cute picture. It is that time of year again, right?

A Visitor to my Yard

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“Mom, There’s NOTHING to do!” Really?

Maybe this is true. Maybe I’m the only one in the house who can see the millions of Legos, closet full of board games, and hundreds of books. Maybe to my darling son the house is totally empty and void of all childhood novelties. But I know better and therefore this statement annoys me.

I remember saying this very same thing when I was a child. But now as a parent I know this to be untrue.

 Our school district did not have school today because of teacher inservice. This was the reason  Cade was home today and the reason for his boredom. However, we would have been stuck with another snow day if we weren’t already off school. Another blast of ice and snow hit northeast Ohio. Lucky us! On a side note, I sure hope that the two more votes needed for the  bill, that will extend our snow days, gets pushed through quickly. I’m not looking forward to the kids being in school in the middle of June.

Anyway, back to the annoying words that came out of my child’s mouth this morning. My response to this was, “Really, because there is a whole lot of “nothing to do” all over your room and in your closet.” He wasn’t to thrilled with that comment. So he started roaming around looking for something to get in to. And what do you know, he found something. Probably about a year ago I had bought some comic books and put them in my closet for him, thinking that I would pull these out some day when he needed something to do. But of course I forgot about them. Today he found them. He plopped himself down in the living room and began reading. Yay, something he found interesting that had nothing to do with an electronic device.

What do you do when your kids say, “Mom there’s nothing to do?” I’m sure we all have different ways of keeping our children occupied and I think it would be fun to share. I would love to hear your ideas.

Below are some pictures I took today. I know those of you living in warmer weather are jealous of our good fortune here in Ohio so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

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