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It’s July the 13th for Goodness Sake!

Warning! This is not a post about Friday the 13th. I am about to vent.

It is not even the middle of July! I do not care to think about school starting at this point in the summer. I also do not care to think about or see fall decorations. And yet, as I go to Wally World and Pat Catans, and as I see store flyers in the mail all I see are ads for back to school sales and fall decor. It makes me want to scream!!!!! Yes, that did deserve 5 exclamation points. Why can’t our kids just enjoy their summer vacations without being bombarded by school stuff when they walk into stores.  The summers already fly by way to fast. And as much as I love fall, I don’t want to be reminded of it in July. It is all a marketing ploy to get more money. But they will not be getting my money until about a week before school starts. If they are lucky, maybe 2 weeks before school starts. Not that little old me will make a difference by waiting until closer to the start of school to by supplies, but that is my way of protesting.

Does anyone else feel the same? Or am I being ridiculous? Please share!

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Have You Appreciated Your Child’s Teacher Lately

Today we showed our appreciation for the teachers at my son’s school.

Lunch was brought in for them to enjoy.

 Lunch and recess duties were covered by parent volunteers.

It’s always an interesting time on the playground when the parents are on duty.

Every five minutes someone wants to go to the office for a band-aid or an ice pack.

Feelings that have been hurt by a classmate need to be repaired with kind words.

It gives us an idea of what the teachers deal with every day.

 So for this and many other reasons we THANK YOU teachers!



This is what Cade gave his teacher today. Just a plain flower-pot that I painted with black chalkboard paint.

Then we added an impatient.  Nothing extravagant but I hope she likes it.


Do you do anything for teacher appreciation day/week?

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Artist Boy

This past weekend one of my son’s drawings was featured at an art show at our high school. There were probably about 200 different art pieces from students throughout our school district. Kindergarten all the way up through 12th grade. I was amazed at some of the talent that was on display. Had I not been in a hurry, I would have taken my time and stopped at each piece to admire.  But unfortunately I had an Usborne event that I had to be at and wasn’t able to enjoy all the art.

 But I wanted to share my son’s drawing with you. He loves to draw. And I love that he loves to draw. I encourage him as much as I can. He doesn’t get his talent from me though. I wanted to get a picture of him with his drawing but it was to high on the wall. He says that it is supposed to be one of the flowers from Alice in Wonderland. It’s very abstract….don’t ya think! I cannot wait to frame it and find the perfect spot in our house for it.

Cade's Art Show Drawing

Do you have artistic children in your house? How do you encourage them?


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Spring Break!

This is the first official day of our spring break. It should have started on Monday but because of snow, rain, other natural disasters we had to make up two days at the beginning of the week. I’m sure those days were full of work and learning. That was sarcasm, just it case you missed it. Of course Monday and Tuesday were beautiful and sunny and today is cloudy. I believe that is the forecast for the next two days also. Why am I not surprised! What wild adventures are we going to have this week you ask? Well for starters my son’s bedroom is going to get a major cleaning out and organizing. And trust me, that is about all the adventure I can handle.

What are you doing over your spring break? Did you go somewhere warm?

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Wind In The Apple Top

This morning I was at school helping out in Cade’s classroom. The teacher asked the class to make up an Indian name for themselves based on something they liked or that they are good at. So my son’s new name is Wind In The Apple Top. When I asked him why, he simply said, ” Because I like to be outside and I like apples.” Well of course, I should have known that.

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Kindergarten Prep

The other day when I was driving home from somewhere, there was an interesting story on the radio. According to, I believe it was John Tesh, he said that there is a new trend out there where people are paying kindergarten tutors $400-$500 an hour to get their children ready to be accepted into the best kindergarten. I’m going to go ahead and assume that this is mainly happening in the cities and more populated areas. Because in my neck of the woods, our kids go to the school of the district we live in or are open enrolled to a nearby school. Apparently these tutors have the kids work with different things including puzzles, which helps with problem solving and other important learning areas. The tutors also help them with colors and matching and other areas that will help them stand out when being chosen. Mr. Tesh also stated that parents believe the kindergarten their child attends has major impact on their child getting into an Ivy League college.

Just curious what your opinion is on this topic. 

Would you pay for your child to have a tutor to get him or her ready for kindergarten?

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School Lunch

This has been an issue for me since my son started Kindergarten. And my annoyance escalated this past week when I went to eat lunch with him at school. I had packed his lunch for him because after I announced that they were having beef-n-noodles he shouted, “Pack!” But imagine my surprise when the lunch tray I was handed included the following: beef-n-noodles (heavy on the noodles, not so heavy on the beef), mashed potatoes, and a toasted cheese sandwich.  What??? Can we say carb overload? I know they consider mashed potatoes a vegetable but then to add the toasted cheese. I just don’t get it. Oh, I forgot to mention they did have an optional cup of applesauce available. Now I understand how hard it is to feed so many children on a limited budget. I just think some better food choices could be made. Maybe other schools are different, I don’t know. It probably depends on the district. Just wish our kids were given better options.

How does your school rate in the category of school lunches?