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Just When You Think Everything Is Going Fine…….

I know I’m not the only one who has ever felt this way. And it really isn’t even the first time I’ve felt this way. Though I sure hope it’s the last, but more than likely probably not. You know when you’re cruzing through life and things are going pretty good. Maybe not perfect but for the first time in a long time you feel like things are starting to look up and maybe just maybe everything is gonna be ok. Then BAM!!! the rug gets pulled out from under you! You’re left angry, mad, betrayed, frustrated, lost, devastated (these are just a few of the feelings that I have going through me right now). I have no control and not even a say in the situation. It’s just, this is how it’s gonna be and you need to deal with it. I do realize this is just a bump in the road, all-be-it a very large pot hole in my road right now, I will  get through it. What really angers me is that it’s not just me who it affects, but also my son. I hate this feeling!

Looking at the big picture I know that there are people in worse situations that mine and there are people who have to deal with worse than what I’m gonna have to deal with. And it could be so much worse.  But in my world, at this very minute, this is devastating! And I’m mad! And I’m left wondering when I will ever feel like things are starting to look up again.

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Check Out This Site And Give-Away

Have you ever heard of I hadn’t until a friend of mine over at blogged about it and is having a give-away on her site. is an amazing online subscription library. It teaches the latest software tools and skills with over 1,300 online courses. Web design, photography, WordPress, Adobe, Dreamweaver and Photoshop just to name a few of the options available. Head over to  to get more details and find out how to enter the give-away. I’m entering as many times as I can.

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RIP Mr. Kippling

We had a death in the aquarium today. Mr. Kippling was one of Cade’s fantail goldfish. He had been sick and going downhill for a few days now. I wasn’t 100% sure what was wrong with him. We did a few things that were suggested online. But we probably caught whatever it was to late. I know it was just a fish but I was so upset over the whole thing. I think Cade took it better than I did. I was stressed about it all weekend.

How do you handle it when one of your pets die? Maybe I’m just to much of a softie.


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A Morning Visitor

After I heard a loud thud, my attention turned to my large picture window in my living room. This is what I found sitting on my window sill. I have a pair of Doves that have been living on my property for a several months now. Lots of cooing going on out there. I believe this might be their baby. However I don’t have much knowledge about birds. I love to watch them and feed them but other than Robins, Cardinals, and Sparrows, I’m pretty much clueless. He sat on the ledge for a little while and posed for some pictures. Wasn’t that nice of him? I really shouldn’t be sexist. He may be a she. And I would hate to give it a complex.


Holy Cow! Please pay no attention to the dirty window. How embarrassing!



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A Man, a Bicycle, and a Burden for Prayer

I have a story I would like to share with you about a man, a bicycle and cross-country journey. The man’s name is Brad Weaver. He and his family are friends of mine although I don’t see them often. His wife’s name is Tiffany and together they have Gunnar and Isabella. Brad had a desire to bring awareness to people about prayer. This is where his adventure starts. He decided to embark on the trip of a lifetime. He is traveling across the U.S.A. on a bicycle with the intention to talk with and pray with as many people as he can. With a lot of support, emotionally and financially, from family and friends his journey started last weekend. Along the way he will be visiting churches, staying with kind-hearted people who have offered him shelter and a meal, and meeting and praying with people he comes into contact with. I have followed his video blogs. They are so inspiring and touching. He already has had some discouraging days where things don’t seem to go right. He has been riding through the mountains where the hills seem endless. His dad is driving his support truck that stays behind him or sometimes drives ahead of him and waits. I look forward to each and every one of his posts. I want to see where he has been and like to hear him talk about the people he has met. To follow his incredible journey go to Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Even though Brad and his family live in Wilmot, he started out his journey in Hilton Head I believe(I could be wrong on the town but I know it was in one of the Carolinas). So he has been heading our way all week. And I think if all goes according to plan, he will be at our church, First Baptist in Berlin, on Tuesday(June 5th) night for prayer meeting. We normally have it Wed. but moved it to Tues. because of Brad’s schedule.

I can not do justice to this story by simply telling you about it. Check out his blog and see for yourself. Follow along on his journey. Take a moment to say a prayer for him. Also, prayers for his family are appreciated because I’m sure they are missing him and also worry about him. I hope you enjoy his story. Please let me know if you check out his blog. Would love to hear your comments, thoughts, or words of encouragement for Brad. I will be sure to pass them along.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time…..

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Fun With The Super Moon

Did you know we had a super moon on Saturday? Did you get a chance to enjoy it? I had hoped to see it as it came up over the horizon. Sadly that did not happen. However, all was not lost. As soon as we saw it we grabbed our telescope and our camera and headed outside. Thought I would share some of our fun pics.

He wanted it to seem as if he had it floating between his hands. Crazy kid!


We took many pictures trying to get this one just right. This is the closest we got.


He was standing on his hands and about to fall over. He wanted it to look like the moon was on his shoe. Not bad.



Disregard the lower light…it’s a street lamp.

Our pictures sure don’t do the moon justice. But it was fun to be outside looking at it through the telescope.

I’ve heard that the moon looked bigger or smaller depending on where you were in the country.   Did you get to see it? If so, what did you think?

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April Fool’s Day / Palm Sunday

Happy April Fool’s Day! I played no pranks on anyone and I didn’t get any pranks played on me. So it didn’t even really feel like April Fool’s Day. Were you as lucky as I was? Did you get to play some April Fool’s jokes on friends or family?

Today was also Palm Sunday. Kind of strange that Palm Sunday fell on April Fool’s Day. I hope you all had a fabulous day whether you were playing pranks or celebrating Palm Sunday. I spent the day with family and the weather was beautiful. Hope you have a most awesome week.

Till next time………


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