It’s Vacation Time!

I am going on vacation! I feel the need to write about this because it is such an epic event. I have not been on a real week-long beach vacation (I mean is there any other kind) since 1999. That is way to long to go without a vacation. My son says it’s not fair that I do not count our weekends at Kalahari as vacation. Well, would you? We just decided to go on Sunday. Who plans a vacation in a week? We do! Actually, we were invited to go by relatives. There will just be 4 of us going and we plan to hit the beach and do a lot of relaxing. I’m super excited because Cade has never been to the beach. I can’t wait to see his face. The thing I’m not so excited about is that we are driving. I have always said that I would never drive that far. But here I am, driving that far in a teeny tiny car. I’m trying to look at it as an adventure. I know we will have fun once we are there. It’s just the “getting there” that I’m concerned about. We leave tomorrow evening and I still have much to do before then.

Does anybody want to take a guess where we are going? For those of you who already know (and you know who you are) you’re not allowed to play! 🙂

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