It’s Really Not Fair!

Do you know what isn’t fair? The extremely short season of certain fruits. Namely strawberries. And I’m not talking about the strawberries that travel hundreds of miles on a truck to make it to a local grocery store near me. I’m talking about local grown berries that are picked and in the store or roadside market within 24 hours. And the best is when you can get out to a local farm and pick your own but I haven’t done that for years. For any of you who love fresh strawberries you know what I’m talking about. Every year I am determined that I want to make strawberry preserves for the freezer. And every year the season comes and goes before I know it. If it could be just a few weeks longer, I would be very appreciative. But I guess it’s one of those things where if I would have access to fresh strawberries for a longer period of time they wouldn’t be as special and I wouldn’t be as eager to partake in such scrumptiousness. I will usually get a quart or two and we will have strawberries in our cereal and also strawberry shortcake for a few days. I cheat and do not make my own shortcake. We buy the little cakes you find in the store. I top it all with a little sugar and add some Almond Milk. Delicious! I also like to add blueberries since they are in season around here right now also. I have been known to fix strawberry shortcake for supper. Not as a dessert but for the main meal. Hey, it’s summer and those berries won’t be here forever so why not!!!

Do you wish strawberry season was longer? Do you have a favorite fruit with a short season that you wish you could eat all year?


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