Fun With The Super Moon

Did you know we had a super moon on Saturday? Did you get a chance to enjoy it? I had hoped to see it as it came up over the horizon. Sadly that did not happen. However, all was not lost. As soon as we saw it we grabbed our telescope and our camera and headed outside. Thought I would share some of our fun pics.

He wanted it to seem as if he had it floating between his hands. Crazy kid!


We took many pictures trying to get this one just right. This is the closest we got.


He was standing on his hands and about to fall over. He wanted it to look like the moon was on his shoe. Not bad.



Disregard the lower light…it’s a street lamp.

Our pictures sure don’t do the moon justice. But it was fun to be outside looking at it through the telescope.

I’ve heard that the moon looked bigger or smaller depending on where you were in the country.   Did you get to see it? If so, what did you think?

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