WARNING…..Rant about to take place!  I know that millions of women have to deal with their ex’s (husbands or boyfriends) when there are children involved. I know that I am not alone in this area. I know that each of us has different situations and problems. And I cannot even begin to explain my situation in one post. In my case there is usually a new frustration each day.

Today’s frustration is that I’m waiting on a call from my ex so we can “talk” about my son’s “attitude.” And by talk I mean he lectures and rants while I sit on the other end of the phone going about my daily chores and listen. He is a professional lecturer. I mean, not really but he loves to do it and has had so much practice. You see, apparently my son has this “attitude” when he goes to his dad’s house. His dad says he is mouthy. Of course what 9-year-old boy does not have an attitude? They are in practice for when they become a teenager, right? I’m not sure if his dad thinks he should be perfect or if he just doesn’t know how to deal with him. I don’t see it as an out of control situation. I very rarely see attitude from my son when he is with me unless it has something to do with his dad. I try to explain this to his dad but of course I’m wrong and he is right. It couldn’t possibly have something to do with the way his dad treats him or the atmosphere at his dad’s house. It’s me, it’s all me.  .

My heart goes out to the mothers out there who can’t even get their children’s fathers to be a part of their life. I applaud all single mothers because it is a tough job. It is hard enough raising children as a couple let alone doing it on your own. And I am envious of the single mothers out there who still get along with their ex’s. Be very thankful for that because some of us do not have that luxury.

Ok my rant for the day is over. Sometimes these thoughts that swirl around in my head just need to get out. Seeing it typed out and reading and re-reading really help. Sometimes not. But I would rather get it out than keep it all bottled up inside.

Till next time…..


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