What Would You Do?

Because of the large lottery jackpot yesterday, I posted the question to my Facebook friends….”If you won the jackpot, what is the first big thing you would buy or the first big thing you would do?” I got all kinds of responses from paying off houses to traveling everywhere to helping their hometown. My favorite was from a close friend who said she would take her friends to Jamaica. It included me so that is why it was my favorite. 🙂

Many people said they would help out family members, friends, and even their church. Imagine, if you will, the possibilities of what we could accomplish if given the chance to have that kind of money. Oh I know that some many people have widdled away their fortunes because of not knowing how to handle the large amounts of money that they win. But I would like to think that my friends would be smart enough to develop a plan. The possibilities are staggering. It overwhelms the mind when you sit down and think of all the things you could do. The charities you would be able to donate to. The lives of the friends and families you could change. The ability to put funds away to help pay for your children’s, grandchildren’s, and even great-grandchildren’s college education and their future. It truly is almost overwhelming.

Then when I return to reality, I realize that my dreams are just dreams. I will never amass a great fortune. I will never live the life of the rich and famous. Would I even really want to? I don’t know. I do know that being rich doesn’t necessarily have to do with money. It’s being happy with what you already have. Being happy where you are right now at this very point in time. For many of us that is hard. We like to look back at what we’ve had in the past or look forward to what we might have in the future. But what about right now? Are you happy where you are right now? I am truly blessed. I don’t always feel that way but I stop and make myself look around at what I have. Just be content in the moment. For the past is gone and we are not guaranteed the future.


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