Photo Transfer Project

I’ve discovered two new crafty type projects that I absolutely love. The first one is called Hypertufa. Ever heard of it? I will be discussing this project in a later post. My first attempt at it is curing outside in the sun. This project is not for the impatient. Usually I am very impatient but I think I can handle this. It takes several weeks for the final product to be ready to use. I will have lots of fun experimenting.

The second project I discovered is photo transfers. I read an article on this subject and ever since have been scouring the internet for how-to tutorials and videos on how to do it. I use transparencies and gel medium to transfer the photos onto canvas or watercolor paper.  Of course it is all trial and error. But me being me, I wanted the first try to come out perfect. Didn’t happen. The more I do it and the more techniques I try, the better the outcome. Here are some pictures of some of my attempts so far….

This is one of the first ones I did. I accidentally put it on here sideways. Sorry! It’s ok but not great.

This is a little better.

And another one that is a little better. I know, the subject is the same but I was fixated on these flowers for the first several attempts at perfecting this. I will move on to another subject soon.

These are my favorites so far.

And yes, the same flowers again. But I really love how this turned out. This one was done on watercolor paper. I love the artsy, gritty quality. They remind me of watercolors. I think these will look great in frames. Can’t wait to continue experimenting with this project.

So what do you think? I would love to hear your opinion on these.

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