Losing It! Week 2

My first week with the TurboFire program is done. I wasn’t able to get in all the workouts. Only 4 of the 6. And my eating was not the best last week either. Better but not great. I lost no weight or inches. Totally bummed about that. Why does it have to be such a struggle?  I’m very impatient so I feel like I wanna quit. I need to see results! However, I really like these workouts and I can tell I feel better and am sleeping better. So I guess those are results just not the ones I was looking for.

I’m gonna change some things around this week. I’ve been doing my workouts in the mornings. I am so not a morning person and my lower back is stiff in the mornings. So I’m gonna try to do the workouts in the evenings. This should be interesting because I also go to school in the evenings. I want to see how it works out. Maybe I will have better results. Stay tuned….

When is your best workout time?

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  1. #1 by Jacki on April 25, 2011 - 11:21 pm

    Morning, first thing, for sure! If I don’t do it right away, I seem to never get to it.

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