Losing It! Week 1

This is the first official week of my Losing It! series. Last week I started walking but only got 1 walk in. My weekend got a little crazy so there was no time for another walk. Life happens sometimes and you just have to learn to deal with it.

I just finished my first TurboFire workout. It is very intense and high impact. As I mentioned before, it is a 90 day program. I’m going to do my best to follow it as close as possible. On each of the workouts you have the option to do the “New to class” section. That is what I did today. She walks you through the routine before you start. Some of the moves will take me a little time to get right but overall I thought it was great. My heart rate was high and I was sweating. There is always a separate stretching  program each day. She includes some yoga into it which I really like. I’m really looking forward to another workout tomorrow.

Yesterday I made a chart and measured myself. I’m using the inside of a closet door to hang my workout program on and also the measurement chart. I also need to take before pictures so I can hang those on the closet door. Since the workout program is there I will have to see the chart and pictures everyday when I check the workout program. I will not, however, be posting pics until the program is done. Just can’t bring myself to post those pics on here yet.

I’m also still reading the Weigh Down Diet. Seems like it takes me forever to get through a book. My aunt read part of the book last Sunday while we were all at my grandma’s house. Last week she applied what she had read in the book. And yesterday she told me she had lost 5 lbs. Isn’t that just great? I’m looking forward to seeing some results myself. Until next time, be healthy.

Do you have a workout routine that works for you?

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