Losing It!

This is the first of many posts in the Losing It! series. I’ve decided that it’s time that this weight comes off. And since nothing else seems to be working, I’m going to post every step on here. Hopefully this will hold me accountable.

I purchased the TurboFire workout. It looks so intense and I’m really scared about starting it. It is a 90 day program with workouts every day except Wednesdays. I will be starting that on Monday. I’ve also been reading a book called The Weigh Down Diet. It teaches you to retrain your brain and the way you eat. Common sense mostly, but things I’ve never thought about. I also recently bought an iPod and have been busy loading it up with music. I’m hoping that it will help motivate me to walk/run. If this Ohio weather ever clears up, I just may get the chance. So stay tuned in for my journey. The more support I have the better. And I would also love to hear your stories about weight lose, exercise, and healthy eating.

Do you have any stories to share to help keep me motivated?

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  1. #1 by projectsquareone on March 18, 2011 - 8:10 am

    Three things:

    1. I have never regretted a workout — even though it may have been hard to get started — and I bet you won’t either. Just do it, and the motivation will follow.

    2. Let the moment pass. I mean this mostly regarding food. If you *really* want something you don’t think you should have, just let the moment go, and move on. You will appreciate the lack of regret and guilt later!

    3. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Note: I need to remind myself of this, because I really think it’s true for me, but I’ve been letting the food get the better part of me lately.

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