More Snow…..I’m Done

Mother Nature teased us a bit last week. All of our snow was gone and we had some warm weather. Well, when I say warm I’m comparing it to the 20 degree weather we are used to right now. But it is February and I do live in Ohio so it was a little too much to hope that spring was here. Yesterday we had rain, freezing rain, snow, back to freezing rain, then snow again. On my way to pick up Cade from school I had a little “incident.” It was like an unseen force took over my car and I could do nothing about it. I did a complete 180 landing in the other lane going the opposite direction. And lets not forget the mailbox that helped me come to a complete stop. As scary as it was, I was not hurt and there is only a small scratch above the front right wheel to add to the many other scrapes and dents on my car. That episode was a first for me. I’ve never lost control on ice before and I would be happy never to do it again. I’m just thankful that Cade was not with me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love snow. I love the winter months. Cozy nights inside, soup, crock pot meals, and sweaters. These are some of my favorite things about winter. But it’s Feb 22 and I’m done. I want spring. I want my garden, my flowers, outdoor family get-togethers, and food cooked over the fire-pit. I want my flip-flops, sunscreen, and warm sun on my face. It will be here soon, thank goodness. And that makes me smile. I know that all this cold weather and everything that comes with it is only going to make me appreciate spring and summer even more.

What is your favorite thing about spring and summer?


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