Spring’s Around the Corner

As much as I’m enjoying this snow, it’s hard not to look ahead to spring. I’m looking forward to planting my garden and long days of working outside. While we are in the middle of winter, it is hard to believe that those long, warm summer days are not all that far away. So for now I will look at my pictures and plan my garden while the snow falls outside. Tonight its supposed to get down to 11 degrees. Brrrrr…… But I consider myself lucky to live in an area that has 4 distinct seasons. And I’ve learned to embrace everything that each season brings.  Well almost everything…..

What’s the climate like in your neck of the woods?  And are you embracing it?

  1. #1 by projectsquareone on January 20, 2011 - 8:39 pm

    Love the pic! Here in Florida, it was 74 and sunny today — a treat! Low 60s for the next week or so, which is chilly for my thin blood. Would feel like summer to you, right?

  2. #2 by the mommy files on January 20, 2011 - 9:17 pm

    60’s is perfect weather for spring and fall. I’m happy with 80’s in the summer. But its these cold snowy nights that makes me appreciate those 80 degree summer days when they get here.

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